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8. Flo Boheme

Visual Identity ︎ Photography ︎ Content Creation

                           Flo Boheme is a jewellery brand that offers deliciously playful and eclectic pieces for fellow magpies and vintage lovers, often featuring unique second-hand charms and beads. My task was to create a visual identity and initial social media assets for the brand that reflects it’s ethos and communicates it’s place within the jewellery business.

                            The initial content I produced for the Flo Boheme Instagram feed combined my typographic and layout skills, along with my photography and eye for colour. I also designed the packaging – including a thank you slip. All photography is my own. 

                            Continuing the vibrant and playful visual language and whilst taking into considerations the limitations of the Instagram highlight format, I experimented with curved type and bespoke gradients created from my own photography for the cover icons. Below is the initial website design for the Flo Boheme shop.