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1. Nature’s Peace Will Flow Into You


                            Nature’s Peace Will Flow Into You is a series of prints that forms part of the experimental process work leading to the creation of the Biophilia, Urban Living and Digital Depletion zine. The title is a reference to a John Muir quote – the naturalist and philosopher’s ethos influenced the zine’s tone of voice and echoed the intention behind my work.

Edition of 20 ︎ A3 Risograph Print ︎ 3 Colour
︎︎︎£10, Shop Now

            Simply collecting any fallen pieces of nature that I found on ‘lockdown’ walks in local forests or woods was a way to tune-out with what was going on around me and tune-in to the innate sense of peace and calm that spending time in nature brings. It was important to me to capture my findings, digitalising them through scanning and then reintroducing the textural feel of nature itself, through risograph.

Edition of 10 ︎ A3 Risograph Print ︎ 2 Colour

Edition of 50 ︎ A3 Risograph Print ︎ 3 Colour
︎︎︎£10, Shop Now