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6. GCD Graduate Showcase

Visual Identity ︎ Curation ︎ Print Production

Part of the graduate showcase for the Central Saint Martins Graphic Communication Design programme 2021 involved a wheat pasted poster exhibition on the exterior of our much loved, but less visited due to the pandemic, school building.

In collaboration with fellow BA and MA students — Sachi Patil, Tooey Jones, Caitlin Pynes and Amina Nugumanova — I designed the exhibitions’ visual identity and curated over 150 posters. 

                            Each student was invited to submit an A1 poster design to celebrate the work they produced for their final graduating portfolio. We were mindful of the identity needing to stand out from the divergent visual language of the poster designs, but that it was equally imperative for it to not upstage or detract from them. We curated the exhibition through considering similarities in tone and design style and project themes.

                            Below is the poster I designed to promote my Biophilia, Urban Living and Digital Depletion zine. I selected key graphic elements from the cover of the zine and fused this with the photographic imagery from the pull-out poster, to create a visually arresting image that encourages exploration and prompts further enquiry.