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1. GoHenry

Figma ︎ Branding ︎ Web Design ︎ Digital Content

GoHenry is the UK’s No1 debit card and app for kids with the mission to make every child smart with money. They offer over 45+ card designs, some of which I had the pleasure of designing, often in collaboration with partners such as Pokémon/Nintendo, Universal Pictures and the Lionesses football team. Founded in 2012, they’ve helped over 2 million children start their money learning journey and continue to do so through their relentless campaigning, including a manifesto that I designed for the upcoming general election in autumn 2024.

Whilst in my role, I managed the quality of design throughout all stages of a project to ensure campaigns across multiple touchpoints were delivered sucessfully. I contributed to the re-brand of GoHenry, working individually to ideate and create concept boards, before presenting to the senior creative team. I finnesed my Figma skillset by working with auto-layouts and components to increase my BAU efficiency. My responsibilites as Digital Designer at GoHenry included but were not limited to:

  • Evolving their marketing communications, in relation to the website and CRM toolkit.
  • Ideate, create and deliver exciting and engaging digital content and social assets.
  • Manage the quality and efficiency of design through all stages of a project.
  • Contribute to holistic thinking about Brand Design, including how the brand acts, looks and comes
    to life throughout the entire customer experience.

Lionesses Campaign: July 2023

Selection of digital assets created for organic social

Pokemon Campaign: March 2024

Landing page

Paid ads (Meta)

Homepage update

The GoHenry Financial Education Manifesto: designed to be digital and to be printed and distributed to MPs during the 2024 General Election.