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6. Interactive Print

Publication Design

                            Interactive Print: How can the printed page maximize interactivity to reinterpret, revive and record forms of social connection? is a research essay that I wrote, designed, and produced, synthesising my recent projects that investigate how interactivity can exist within the printed page. As a designer, I intend to build upon the history of interaction within print-based design, to explore the printed page as a vehicle for reconnecting and sharing, believing the material artifacts we possess in turn create opportunities for us to personally interact with those around us.

                            The essay answers the question both in content and in form. Designed in an inherently meta-approach, I created perforated, tear-able bookmarks that act as business cards. These business cards appear at the start of the three chapters within the essay, as well as featuring on the cover. This translation of interaction not only encourages further interaction with a printed book, but also provides a space for social connection, and hopefully for me, a social interaction in the form of a new associate within the design world.

                            The smaller insert pages share excerpts of interviews I conducted interviews with two graphics designers, Jason Wolfe and Imi Read, who share a similar affinity with the printed page and publishing.